The Wine tradition of Lake Garda

The Wine tradition of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is also the perfect place for wine connoisseurs. Thanks to the suitable climate, various types of grapes sprout and bloom around the Italian lake, then creating an excellent base for various types of wine. Warm summers and mild winters are good conditions for planting grapes.

For example, to the east of the lake is the Valpolicella wine region, where viticulture has been hosted for over 2000 years. The grandiose winemaking tradition is also supported by the world-famous ruby ​​red Bardolino or the Valpolicella wines just mentioned.

The wine region of Valténesi on the south-western shore of Lake Garda between Desenzano and Salò is particularly striking and prominent. The fertile moraine hills offer unique conditions for high quality wines.

Just to name a few: for example the "Groppello", a red wine with a slightly bitter aftertaste, made from Groppello grapes.

The dark "Rosso", mixed from different vines, is suitable as a fruity wine for any type of occasion. "Chiaretto Rosato" as a traditional wine from Lake Garda also has a slightly fruity flavor due to the short contact of the must with the peel and is usually drunk one year after production.

Finally, the "Garda Classico Bianco", pressed from the Riesling Renano grape and the Canzoni grape, should be emphasized with its slightly yellowish color and its subtle hazelnut fragrance. All these high class wines are grouped under the name "Garda Classico D.O.C".

In the local cellars, tourists are introduced to the most diverse stages of wine production. In this way, visitors receive detailed information on viticulture, grape processing, wine production, tools and bottling.

Lake Garda is not only a good place to bathe tourists and hikers: wine connoisseurs will certainly not miss here and will be able to enjoy the wide selection of excellent wines of the special class.