Spiedo bresciano: a real specialty

Spiedo bresciano: a real specialty

Fans of Italian cuisine should not forget the "Spiedo bresciano". It is a hearty meat skewer, which is particularly widespread in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy. But the "Spiedo bresciano" is also a real delicacy in the provinces of Bergamo, Verona, Mantua and Cremona. Originally this dish was an expression of the old hunting culture and it was mainly made from game meat and poultry. Depending on tradition, the preparation of this meat dish can vary in the individual Italian regions.

What makes the "Spiedo bresciano" so unique
The meat products of the "Spiedo bresciano" are of course all of Italian origin. In addition to the finest pork chops, chicken breast and chicken wings are also lined up. But also tender rabbit meat is part of the "Spiedo bresciano" and makes its taste so extraordinary.

Of course, there is no need to mention that the "Spiedo bresciano" is only fresh meat products, which are also served with sage leaves to give the skewer a particularly sharp note. 

The preparation of the "Spiedo bresciano"
The original "Spiedo bresciano" is cooked in a wood oven. Care is taken to ensure that every skewer is loaded evenly to the gram. The meat is not only poured with extra virgin olive oil during cooking, but pieces of butter are also added to the skewer, which pour wonderfully over the meat in the heat of the oven. The "Spiedo bresciano" is cooked very slowly according to the old tradition so that the dish later melts in the mouth. He should stay in the oven for at least four hours to make sure that the pieces of meat are not only tender but also well prepared.

Dishes for "Spiedo bresciano"
As a starter, the "Spiedo bresciano" is usually preceded by a soup or a salad. Depending on the tradition of the individual regions, the "Spiedo bresciano" is usually served with potatoes as a side dish. With a sip of red wine, the "Spiedo bresciano" gets its very special taste and literally melts on the tongue.

Where to eat the original "Spiedo bresciano"
Only selected restaurants or taverns offer the original "Spiedo bresciano". It is not surprising that these restaurants can mainly be found in the Brescia region, which continue the "Spiedo bresciano" as a typical regional dish in a traditional manner.