The Capitolium in Brescia: a splendid historical testimony

The Capitolium in Brescia: a splendid historical testimony

The most important and best preserved monument in Brescia is the Capitolium, a Roman temple built by Vespasiano in 73 AD.

The Piazza del Foro, which includes the Capitolium and a cathedral, was once the centerpiece of all religious and political life when Brescia was under Roman rule. The Capitolium, or "Tempio della Triade Capitolina" (Temple of the Capitoline Triad), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Roman amphitheater and a museum located right in the center of Brescia.

It will be difficult to get lost and it is advisable to visit this fantastic place. It will be a great experience to explore the archaeological site, especially if you have a passion for history. It is a timeless testimony of the first Roman empire, as it has been well restored and documented over the years. And it's a stone's throw from the city center!

The temple was built by Vespasiano in 74 AD, as indicated by the partially restored dedication. The Capitolium site had a three-sided terrace with the temple in the middle and two rows of arches on the side that extended to the hole. The restored marble brick staircase led to the podium of the high courtyards, characterized by a central hexagonal veranda with Corinthian columns about 11 meters high, which was renewed during the 19th century restorations. The temple has three levels of auditoriums, separated by cavity walls. Large door openings with an architrave structure open into the cell areas. The votive chapels have platforms in the middle. The marble flooring of the floors must not be overlooked; it is in the middle of the cell and they are still well preserved. The walls were probably covered in marble and decorated with interwoven Corinthian columns, such as the veranda. The temple borders the north side of the forum and was connected to the Decumanus by a central staircase which ended between two sections of a marble wall with arches.

Do not miss this imposing monument during your stay in Bescia. Remember the "old Bescia" which is definitely worth a visit.